Internet Safety:

Identity Theft is no joking matter, but this video is funny and thoughtful!

Here is another video about personal information on the Internet.

Reflection Questions:
1. Is everything on the Internet true? Why? How can you tell what is true and what isn't?
2. Should you share personal information online? Why? What information should you keep private? Why?
3. Should you meet people in real life who you met online? Why?
4. What should you do if someone you don't know contacts you online and wants to meet you?
5. Who can you talk to if someone sends you inappropriate emails? IM's?
6. Should you write your friends' full names on your Facebook account? Why?
7. Should you write where you go to school on your Myspace? Why?
8. Should you publish your cell phone number on the Internet? Why?

Challenge:After watching the video and discussing personal information and online safety with your classmates, you probably have some new ideas about why it is important to keep personal information private. With a group of students in your Advisory class, make a Keynote presentation about the importance of online safety. The best presentation in the middle school will receive a prize!

Tips for a great presentation:
1. Decide on your audience. Who are you making this for? Parents? Teachers? Other students?
2. Decide what you want to communicate. What message do you want people to get from your presentation?
3. Make a plan with a mind map or a story board.
4. Research some information for your presentation.
5. Remember, images say more than words. How can you use pictures or video to communicate your information better.
6. Make your presentation.
7. Share your presentation with your parents, teachers, and classmates.
8. Win a cool prize.