What do we do for the ADE show!?

Grassroots Education Movement from the Bottom to the Top

-Tim= What you have seen in the school as an admin. And how to create a successful environment?
- Izzy= Collaboration- need to the concrete evidence and the use of technology to foster that.
- Jason- How do learners learn and the philosophies behind it?
Blossom Taxonomy and how we reach understanding?
How does the computer (MacBook) fascilate this?

Craig Morton interview.

Learning as a Global Education Incentive

Need to have two people. One for coaching and one for tech reasons.

Made an environment that people feel comfortable. Encourage and celebrate the success. Let people come at there own time.

Feeling like you have to and the need to educate the population that it is not about catching up with the Jone’s but fine there own comfort zone.

Need for sharing.

What needs to be done at KIS as ADE/Tech leaders?

Celebrate the victories! Set up a party.
Radio show?
Who do we want to get onboard?
What other projects?
Students show case for work?
Student show case on the website?

What is the ADE fellowship going like in the region?

Need to set up a celebration time and a set up. We can invite TCIS and Seoul National University.

What support do we want?

What events do we want in the next calendar year?

Can we hold a conference as ADE?


Staff development day… SIS, KIS,

Pre-semester sign ups…

Ideas for Events or Projects:

Some type of school inter-exchange-
ADE Meet other school video, podcast, or what ever. Try to get something published to try and make us seem as though we are there.