What is cyber-bullying?

For an interesting and humorous intro to cyber bullying click the link!

Here is another video about cyber bullying worth watching, too.

Here are two sets of short videos that explain cyber-bullying. After watching a set of videos, discuss some or the things you noticed about cyber-bullying. There are some reflection questions after each set of videos; discuss the questions as a class.

Reflection Questions:
1. Is cyber-bullying a serious problem? Why?
2. Have you, a friend, or a sibling ever experienced cyber-bullying? How did you feel about it?
3. After watching these videos do you feel the same about cyber-bullying? Why?
4. Have people died because of cyber-bullying?
5. How would you feel if a friend of yours killed him/her self because of cyber-bullying?
6. What can be done to stop cyber-bullying? What can you do to help stop it?
7. If you are ever cyber-bullied, what will you do?

Reflection Questions:
1. Is cyber-bullying worse than normal bullying? Why? How?
2. How did the boy in the first video solve his bullying problem?
3. What should you do if you are ever cyber-bullied? Name some people you could seek help from.
4. If the boy in the first video didn't receive help, how do you think the story would have ended?
5. Have you ever received threatening emails? Text messages? IM's?
6. Have you ever found information about yourself on a web site that you didn't publish?
7. Why or how is cyber-bullying a big problem for KIS?
8. How do you think your parents would feel if you were cyber-bullied? How would they feel if you were bullying people?

After watching the videos and discussing cyber-bullying with your classmates, you probably have some new ideas about what cyber-bullying is and how it can be stopped. We challenge you to make a video about cyber-bullying that communicates that it is an important and serious problem and also communicates how it can be stopped. You will have several Advisory classes to work on this project and the person or group who makes the best video will receive a prize. Good luck! Together we can stop cyber-bullying and make KIS a great place.

How to make your video:
1. Decide on an audience for your video. Is it for other students? Parents? Teachers?
2. Decide what you want to commuicate to your audience. What do you want your audience to understand about cyber-bullying?
3. Story board your project. A story board is like a map for your project.
4. Film the necessary video clips.
5. Compile your video clips in iMovie. Add titles, effects, and transitions.
6. Share your video by exporting it to Quicktime.
7. Show it to your friends, parents, and teachers.
8. Win a great prize!