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You can also find helpful tutorials about iWorks products and Macbook computers at the Apple website.

Have you tried Teachertube? It is similar to Youtube, except the content is monitored and produced by teachers and administrators. If you have searched United Streamingand our library and still haven't found the right video for your unit, give Teachertube a look.

Interested in Math and Science? You can find hundreds of free programs about Math and Science from the Apple Website.

Tricks of Youtube! How to make an interactive Youtube video!
Alex a high school at KIS made this video to show a very neat option that students can use to make their movies or presentations that much cooler! Check it out!

What do you want help with?

1. Screen Casts about your MacBook
2. How to Section about using iLife in the classroom
3. How to Section about using Web 2.0 in the classroom
4. How to Section about using a Online Textbook
5. How to Section about using Moodle in the classroom

What is Open Source Software?

Simply put, Open Source Software are free programs for your computer that are built to be similar to the very expensive programs that you normally have to buy. It is a great way to acquire excellent programs without spending a dime (or sip won). Thank Roberto for sharing this link with us -- Open Source Programs for the Mac.

What is a Widget?

Widgets are small programs that run on your Dashboard. The Widget of the month (February) is Mac Tips and Tricks. It allows you to make lists of things you need to down on your Dashboard. No more writing lists down and losing them! There are thousands of them that can help you do almost anything. Download more Dashboard Widgets here!

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