Movies from a project about the play A Doll's House.

The students were asked to adapt the storyline of A Doll's House into a modern version of the story. They were allowed to make modifications to the short, but needed to keep the idea of a person leading a sheltered life and enabled by another person to continue living that lifestyle. They also needed someone to cause the sheltered person to wake up to real life and leave the enabler. You will find a few student samples with explanations of why I chose them and a rubric for the project.

Project description and rubric.

I included this film simply for one major reason -- digital story telling. In the beginning of this film there is a scene with the female lead looking into the mirror and primping her hair and in the background is the male lead looking off camera. Then with both characters images in the mirror (and without the camera person getting into the mirror) you can see the male look at the female and shake his head. In about 20 seconds the audience already knows so much about the two main characters; they know the female is vain and worried about appearances and that the male doesn't approve and not one word is exchanged. Excellent example of digital story telling. Those few seconds should be shown to every class of students about to work on a movie. The rest of the film has its ups and downs, but this is my digital story telling exemplar from this project. Things I didn't like about it, copy-righted music that they do not have permission to use.

I included this one for three reasons: one, it was the best overall film in my opinion and in the opinions of the students in class; two, it is a wonderful example of totally original student created content, no copy-righted music or images here; three, the camera angles and creativity used to make three people become four characters. Students who can make a film like this understand the play on a deep and meaningful level. Awesome work.

Comic Life in the classroom

In my English Seminar course we spent some time making comic books as a way to discuss and think about story telling in general. Here is a finished one; unfortunately, the image quality is low, so it is difficult to read. It was a good learning experience that I will share: if you do a comic book, make sure to save the image files very large, so you can use them for things like .mov or podcasts. This particular project used photos made by the students and an original story line. Great example of creativity!