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Notes from the meeting!



Tittle: Freeing Blooms Ultimate Tool: The Computer

I. Intro/Foundation: Reminder of the steps of Bloom and how the learner learns. Show the assumptions for the presentation.

A. Steps of Blooms
B. Show a example through teachers work
C. Express confidence in the challenge theory presented by Apple. (5-10 minutes)

II. Body:

A. What do teachers need? (Jason)

1. Licenses to be Creative: Risks = Failure and Reward

2. Training
a. In-House (How to harness the computer for your use.)
b. Outside
i. Digital Web 2.0
ii. Humanistic

3. Support from all levels

4. Tools and Finding the Niche
a. Do not force a tool onto someone. AKA ONLY USE NING OR WIKI!
b. Schools who don't Free Ware/Open Source
c. Have a budget available so that programs can be purchased through the year.
d. Grassroots: This is from the bottom up starting with your kids.

5. Time
a. Try/ Explore
b. Share

B. What does admin need to do to support such initiative? (Tim)

1. Encourage and support!!!
a. Principals need to let teacher work.
b. Need to hire a tech coach to give constructive feedback.
c. Tech people need to be in two categories: a) coach/educator b) technician/hard and software support.

2. Training through the eyes of admin

3. How can you support staff:
a. Beginner
b. intermediate
c. advanced
d. Hiring: I can or I am willing!

4. Freeing the Tool

5. Giving Time:
a. Learn
b. Collaborate
c. Celebrate

February Meeting Agenda

I. Reestablish relationships...
- Was able to meet up with Dr. Hong. Learned about published books and his theories on education the need for Korea to adopt elements of Web 2.0.

II. Create calender for the year
- Not completed but did agree upon campus visits. The start of KIS and SNUE of relationship is a go!
- SNUE will visit in March and KIS will come out in April to SNUE.

III. Staying Together: Create a social network for Korea ADE's
We have decided that we will use each others.
KIS- This page
Dr. Hong-

VI. Some type of tangible product at the end!

Added to Agenda
--- NOTE --- Will establish relationships between elementary school teachers. KIS w/ Dr. Hong's students.

Seong, Ha young, Suim and Jung Hee
Apple would like to create a road show that would be bi-monthly. May-ish it will start. Still plans in the making.*

Questions for Rich-

1. Provide the school with marketability....

2. What is your vision for the school as a Web 2.0/ 1 to 1 school?

3. Providing a network around the region, need support from school.
a) Host meetings? Yes
b) Schedule training sessions led by ADE with multiple school participation? Yes
c) Technology assistance? Both education and technical? Yes
d) Workshops? Yes
e) Time to plan aka sub-coverage if needed? Yes
f) General support from Rich both in encouragement and personal presents? Yes

4. Schedule for celebrations for the school?
Award assembly? Yes... High School and Middle School
School level? High school and Middle School
Student awards for excellent work? Yes! Could do it during the awards assembly.
How can we promote what are students to more? Yes on the website.

5. Are you willing to work with other school? Is it desirable for the schools marketablity? Is it collaboration or competition in your eyes?

Need to fill out Erocos applications.

Start off local then bring in people from the outside.

April 27th--- A celebration day for web 2.0 education.

Rich wants some support by creating a link to the directors blog.

Potential Ercos Guests-

- Alan November
- Clay Burrel
- Kim Cofino
- Jeff Utech (Key Note Speaker)
- David Gran
- David Larsen
- Wes Fryer (Key Note Speaker)
- Anthony Armstrong
- Jason Spivey
- Tim Bray
- Greg Isreal
- Catherine Wentworth
- Richard Beorner
- Robin Sheinder
- Wade Hopkins
- Brain Longbothom and Lauren Digs


Math Stud
Larry Creedon
ISB Admin.


Can this be done on a week day? Rich you let us know!
Registration Closing at 2
Keynote Speaker 3-4

All-Day Saturday and Half-Day Sunday
Friday Conference

Registration- Fee and Food/Drink

Conference Breakout Session: 45 minute

Student Led Conference: 45 minutes


Conference Breakout Session:


Mid- Ceremonies!



Conference Breakout Session:

Q and A Session:

UnConferences and "Playtime"

Farmingham Education Credit or Another College

ADE Conference... "Promoting Technology and Put them Into Lessons"

Volunteer Based vs. Mandatory = WE WANT VOLUNTEERS!

Need to record all sessions (Student volunteer based)

Is there a way to get the middle school and/or the high school students population involved?! How about parents!?

Idea #1:
Get a hold of the university can you offer a university credit for joining and participating.
Have students volunteer and also do presentation!
Many sell points!


1. ADE Meeting Hong Kong
-Need to get a hold of Gilbert.
- Sending 2 maybe 3.
- Robin and Dave

2. Debriefing: Meeting with Mr. Hong and outcomes
-Sounds good. Excited about the possibility.

3. KIS Film Festival
- Several schools are interested.
- Sounds like it is becoming more international.

4. ERCOS: Professional training road block.. now what?
- We need to figure out way to get money.
-Do we want Korcos Stamp
- School that we should invite? Rich?
- Math people and scrince of budget allows
- If money is an issue can they skype in.

5. Create calender
- Head of agent next time.

6. Create role and self expectations for ADE's in Korea and KIS
- Don't over step our bonds.
- Be involved with the tech
- Advocate more than tell people what to say.
- Need to figure out ways to show successes. SHOW CASE! Present in a format that is approachable.
- Hosting Korea 2.0 is very important to us.
- How to educate the parents? Get Dr. Hong to do a speech with principals.

Future Podcasts:

ADE's with simple discussions
Teacher= experiments....
Newbie= Jone and Tom and Maggie

Greg will deal with podcast
Talk to Rich.... Jason Get DATE!!!
Who wants to come?
How should we get income?

Looks like we need to do a Saturday. Does not

Need to limit numbers.
Establish fee: $50-$75 all inclusive

We can look at cost that KIS could provide.. need to put that on the back burner.

Have Apple cater food. Need to get them involved.

How many people we allow from KIS.

Conference hall will be about 100 people.

Conference hall for registration.

Bar-B-Q on patio.

Apple Sponsorship
What other avenues can we get money from?
Equatrak printing

Date: 10/24/2009

Description of Conference:

Goal for Conference:

Types of Presentations w/ Examples:

Facilities to be Used (Potential):

Limits for Conference:
Soft Cap-- 100 (Minimum for Conference to Happen)
Hard Cap-- Depends on interest from other schools.

Schedule (One Full Day):

Rational for Schedule:

Potential Sponsors:

Potential Key Note Speakers:

Ideas for conference:

Catered lunch-- BBQ outside


Introduction- (5 Min.)
1. State goals for presentation (Tim and Jason)
- Reflective Peice
- Not about US but about you and your concerns
- Reflect a 1 to 1 classroom setting
- Practical for everyone at the presentation
- Our job was to structure and facilitate and your job to create

2. Explain how works (Jason) (2 Min.)

Part I: Collaboration through Discussion (Random Sit Down) Tim (7 Minutes Cap)

Brief introduction to jigsaw by Tim.

1. What has intrigued you the most this weekend so far?
2. What questions do you still have?
3. What advice would you give to your teachers, admin, tech coah or tech specialists?

Part II: Collaboration through Mindmiester (Break Groups into "Alike Mind Sets") Jason (15-20 Minutes Cap)

- Back to table
- Discuss with like minded people (2 minutes)
- Mind Map

1. Post questions, comments and concerns

Topic: 1 to 1 School
Sub Cat 1: Admin, Tech Specialists, Teacher and Tech Coaches
Sub Cat 2: Question, Comments and Concerns

2. Watch the magic happen and walk around for technical purposes only.

Part III: Analysis of Thought: (Tim) (10 min.)

Look at mind map. Analysis will start with start with Tim and then open to discussion.

Part IV (Tim and Jason) (15 min.)
Why we want to encourage a one to one style school?
Tim will explain admin side and Jason will discuss teacher side.
Q & A: Jason and Tim

1. Need at least 10 computers
2. 2xOverhead Screen and 2xprojector (Ask KIS for 1 projector)
3. iLife 2009 installed
4. Key Note Presentation
5. Survey Monkey-- Feedback for Presentation
6. 10 Mindmiester accounts